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9 01, 2017

Top 4 Actor’s Workout Elements

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Top 4 Actor's Workout Elements by Deborah Lemen Musicians, artists, and dancers are consistently working on their craft. Dancers; step by step, Musicians; note by note, Artists; stroke by stroke. In the same vein, as an actor, it is extremely important to be continually working out on your own and in class, hence here are coach Deborah

27 12, 2016


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As Hollywood Moms we take our kids on auditions if not several times a day, at least several times a week. I know I'm not the only one who has asked themselves, "What in the world do these casting directors want?" and "How can I best prepare my daughter for each audition?" Fortunately, Hollywood Mom Blog has friends in all the right places and Casting Director Katie Taylor of Taylor Casting has generously agreed to answer our most pressing casting questions along with revealing the ever important "do's and do nots" of the business.

26 10, 2016

KIDS FIRST Casting Call: L.A. Kids Who Love Film!

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KIDS FIRST Casting Call: L.A. Kids Who Love Film! Do you have a child who loves film, loves talking about film and loves to be on – camera? If so, there's a perfect program for you - KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, a project of the 25-year-old Coalition for Quality Children's Media. KIDS FIRST! Auditions: DreamWorks' Glendale

20 06, 2016

Hollywood Moms of Multiples – PALOMA PMT Seeks Talent Submissions!

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PALOMA PMT Seeks Talent Submissions! Hollywood Moms of Multiples - Identical Twins & Triplets- this Casting Call is for YOU! Paloma Model and Talent (PMT) is actively seeking immediate submissions of identical multiples of all ages and newborn babies weighing under 9 pounds. Paloma Model and Talent (PMT) is family-owned and operated by dedicated sisters Paloma Jackson and Alysa

19 02, 2016


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What’s Your Audition Missing? "I have found that a number of young actors and actors in the beginning of their careers get frustrated when they don’t book every audition,” says Master Teacher Claire Chubbuck of Chubbuck Youth Studios. Producers, directors and a casting people are looking for the actor who is the character. Not the

18 02, 2016


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KID MYSTERY MOVIE SEEKS NEW STARS ... MAYBE JUST LIKE YOU! KNOX CHASE ON THE CASE OF THE VALENTINE'S DAY MYSTERY, based on the new book by Adam Lipsius, will begin filming a feature film version this Summer. The producers of the movie have launched a nationwide, online casting contest. They promise to hire 1 boy,

11 02, 2016

CASTING CALL Knox Chase On The Case of the Valentine’s Day Mystery

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Hollywood Moms and Child Actors! HMB CASTING CALL Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery Begins Today!  The producer of "Napoleon Dynamite" is casting FIVE speaking roles for children approximately 12 years old, as well as numerous adult roles. Project: Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery Audition Dates: Online video

1 02, 2016

Top 4 Secrets to Booking Auditions!

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Learn the Top 4 Secrets to Booking Auditions! At any audition, the casting directors await you and the door separating you can often be seen as a barricade. In reality, you should view it as a gateway and treat it as though it is your stage. Whether it’s a pre-read for an associate or a full-blown

17 01, 2016


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How to Market Your Child Actor for Increased Auditions and Call Backs (Part 1 of 3) The concept of marketing when applied to a young child actor is really quite simple. It boils down to doing a few things that may increase your child actor's presence in print and on the big screen. Just think

12 01, 2016


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Top 10 Tips for Pilot Season Welcome to magical, exciting yet sometimes frustrating experience of PILOT SEASON. With 25 years plus as a Casting Director, seven years as a private coach for many working young actors worldwide and as former teen actor myself, I have experienced many years of pilot seasons!  It’s guaranteed to be a